Sleep Apnea Treatment

Snoring can be a more serious problem than just an annoying sound that disrupts the sleep of whoever is in bed next to you.

Most of the time snoring is harmless, but particularly heavy snoring can be a sign that you’re not getting enough oxygen when you sleep, which will eventually lead to some very serious health problems down the road.

Sleep apnea is a disorder in which victims experience prolonged pauses in breathing during sleep, and these pauses mean you don’t get as much oxygen as you should be getting every night. It’s a small amount of oxygen that you’re missing every night, but over the weeks, months, and years this problem puts you at significantly higher risk of high blood pressure, liver problems, stroke, and other complications.

Loud snoring is the most obvious sign of sleep apnea, but there are other symptoms of the disorder as well, including:
  • Fatigue and trouble focusing throughout the day
  • Regularly waking up at night with shortness of breath
  • Dry mouth and/or sore throat upon waking
  • Headaches in the morning
  • Insomnia
Risk Factors

Some people are at higher risk of suffering from sleep apnea than others. Those with one or more of the following traits are more likely to have sleep apnea than those without:

    • Male
    • Over 65
    • African American, Hispanic, or Pacific Islander
    • Obese or overweight
    • Regular smoker
    • Related to someone who has sleep apnea
    • Some particular physical attributes that make it more difficult to breathe during sleep(thick neck, receding chin, enlarged tonsils)

In most cases sleep apnea is treated with an appliance that is used to hold your jaw in a position that accommodates easy breathing while you sleep. Anderson & Zentz Dental uses two devices in particular to treat sleep apnea, the EMA and the Silent Nite sl, both products of Glidewell Laboratories:

      • EMA: the Elastic Mandibular Advancement (EMA) is made to comfortably fit everyone, with 9 strap lengths and 4 different tension options. And if you get a cold, don’t worry: the EMA is designed to not interfere with breathing even when your nose is congested.
      • Silent Nite sl: for even more comfort than the EMA, you should check out the Silent Nite slide-link (sl). They’re made with flexible, thin BPA-free plastic in the inner trays that feels especially soft on your teeth and gums. This appliance fits most people, the only requirements being that you have at least 8 teeth on each jaw and a BMI under 30

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