Same Day Crowns (CEREC®)

Getting a crown does not have to be a lengthy affair.

With CEREC® technology at Anderson & Zentz Dental, patients get a crown in a single visit as opposed to multiple visits separated by weeks. Kennewick’s dental leader has this top-of-the-line technology that allows a damaged tooth to be prepared and a porcelain crown created right in the office. Gone are the days of waiting for a laboratory to build your crown. 

You can walk out of the office in one day with a permanent crown that looks and feels like a real tooth. 

How It Works

CEREC® has two components, an acquisition unit and milling machine. The acquisition unit includes a medical-grade computer and the CEREC® camera. A digital image is taken of the prepared tooth, which is then fed into software that coverts it into a three dimensional model. Dr. Anderson then designs the restoration on the screen.

The design is wirelessly sent to a milling machine. Dr. Anderson will insert a ceramic block matching the color of the tooth and the final product is carved using diamond-coated burs. This part of the process takes between 8 to 20 minutes. The crown is then seated and the patient is on their way.

This procedure is optimal for the busy professional who expects the highest quality dental work. The convenience of same-day crowns is second to none and is available at our convenient Kennewick location. We’ve been serving the dental needs of the Tri-Cities area, including Pasco and Richland, with the most gentle and the latest in technology.

Contact us today and experience the same-day advantage, call now at (509) 585-2500 .

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