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Did you know that kids should start seeing the dentist every six months, starting when they turn 1 year old, or when their first tooth erupts, according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry?

Seeing a dentist like Dr. Loren Anderson or Dr. Ryan Zentz of Anderson & Zentz Dental from an early age helps your child feel more comfortable at the dentist’s office, and ensures that their smiles stay healthy. Learn more about family dentistry below, or contact us now for an appointment at (509) 585-2500.

The Importance Of Preventive Care

Preventive care is the best way to prevent cavities. Tooth decay is the single most common preventable chronic childhood disease, and the CDC estimates that about 20% of all kids aged 5-11 have at least one untreated, decayed tooth.

The best way to prevent tooth decay is to reduce sugar intake. This comes as no real surprise to most people, but start paying attention to which foods and drinks have added sugar, and you may get a real surprise. Secondly, parents should ensure each child takes proper care of his or her teeth. Brushing at least twice daily and flossing at least once per day can significantly reduce the bacteria that cause cavities

It’s also important to come to Anderson & Zentz Dental every six months. A dental hygienist will clean your little one’s teeth, and Dr. Anderson or Dr. Zentz will look for any potential issues, like signs of cavities or gum disease. This gives you peace of mind and ensures that your child’s mouth stays healthy.

A Family-Friendly Approach To Dentistry

We know that coming to the dentist can be intimidating, so we’re here to help. At our family-friendly practice, we have all of the expertise and tools to provide your child with a stress-free visit.

Our Pediatric Dental Services

As a general dentists, Dr. Anderson and Dr. Zentz offer a wide variety of pediatric services to kids, such as:

  • Fluoride treatment – Fluoride treatment can help reverse minor cases of tooth decay, and strengthen your child’s teeth to prevent further decay.
  • Dental sealants – Made of dental resin, sealants are applied to your child’s rear teeth to create a barrier and prevent cavities from forming.
  • Fillings – We specialize in pain-free, white composite fillings to help remove decayed enamel, and restore your child’s smile to its natural look and feel.

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