Are Clear Braces Right For You?

Choosing braces that are right for you isn’t as easy as choosing the right toothbrush. Different options come with their own feel, look, and cost.

But if you’re searching for affordable clear braces in Kennewick, you’ve come to the right place.

MTM™ Clear Aligners

Unlike most dentists, we work with MTM Clear Aligners at Anderson & Zentz Dental. These are clear, removable aligners that can correct crowding, gaps, and other small misalignments.

Like all clear braces, MTM Clear Aligners are virtually undetectable when you’re wearing them. We chose this option for clear braces because they’re very affordable compared to other clear and invisible braces.

If you decide to get clear braces at Anderson & Zentz Dental, our doctors will evaluate your misalignments and develop a treatment plan. You’ll then receive an aligner custom made for your mouth, and begin the process of moving your teeth to their ideal position.

MTM Clear Aligners are fully removable, so there are no problems eating or keeping up with oral hygiene.

It’s recommended you keep your clear braces in your mouth except when eating, drinking hot liquids, brushing your teeth, or flossing. How long you will need them depends on your dental problems. Some people can find results in as little as 3 to 6 months.

In just a short amount of time, you can feel confident knowing you have straighter teeth and a healthier smile.

Are You A Good Fit?

If you’re interested in getting clear braces in Kennewick, come see one of our doctors. Some misalignments are severe, and will require more treatment before you can benefit from clear braces.

MTM Clear Aligners are often used to fix:

  • Spacing: too much spacing between teeth.
  • Crowding: teeth crowding and overlap.
  • Midline Discrepancy: teeth that are off center; misalignment of upper and lower teeth.
  • Tipping: Teeth tipping outward or inward.
  • Rotation: Teeth turned to either side.

You can find out if you’re a good fit for clear braces by setting up a consultation.

Why Should I Get Clear Braces?

Many people who decide to get braces do so for personal reasons. Teeth misalignment often makes people feel shy or lose confidence, and they want a way to feel happy with their smile.

Clear braces are a popular solution for this problem because patients can avoid extended periods of wearing metal in their mouth, as well as potentially painful appointments to readjust. Clear braces offer a gradual, undetectable option to fix minor misalignments.

Personal feelings aren’t the only reason many people should seek out an option like clear braces. Misalignment can also create problems that are bad for dental health:

  • Spacing can compromise the effectiveness of chewing.
  • Crowding makes brushing and flossing difficult, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.
  • A midline discrepancy may suggest an improper bite, which can become painful.
  • Tipping can cause other teeth to move around, resulting in crowding or an improper bite.
  • Rotation can also make oral hygiene difficult, leading to tooth decay.

You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a dentist. If clear braces are right for you, see a dentist in Kennewick at Anderson & Zentz Dental.

Contact us at (509) 585-2500 today to speak with one of our doctors about clear braces and how they can improve your smile.

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