Many of our patients believe that simply brushing their teeth with a good toothbrush and a well-known brand of toothpaste is enough to ensure good oral health. As a result, a considerable number of them end up with dental cavities and other oral health issues.

If you too have been religiously cleaning your teeth with these two tools only to find out that you need more than just dental cleaning, chances are that you’re not aware of the following dental tools you should own and use daily.

Oral Irrigators

If you thought these only belong in your dentist’s office, think again. Oral irrigators can easily be purchased for personal use as well. These generate powerful streams of water, which you can direct between your teeth to remove plaque and food particles.

If you have braces or partial dentures, an oral irrigator may be necessary to ensure their cleanliness. However, this doesn’t mean that you should use it to substitute brushing and flossing. Instead, incorporate the use of an oral irrigator into your daily routine.

Dental Floss

Flossing is necessary. It should be part of your daily oral hygiene routine even if you think you don’t have gaps between your teeth. Why? Because dental floss helps remove the food particles that your toothbrush can’t reach between your teeth.

The use of dental floss reduces your chances of suffering from tooth decay and gum disease, among other dental conditions. If you want to know more about dental floss and how to use it effectively to keep dental diseases at bay, check out our blog ‘How Often Should I Floss?’


The purpose of mouthwash goes beyond freshening your breath, to reducing your chances of developing tooth decay and preventing gingivitis. This dental tool combines antimicrobial agents, fluoride, and odor neutralizers to reduce plaque, fortify your teeth, and deactivate compounds causing bad breath. You need to use mouthwash daily( especially after flossing) to reap its benefits.

However, make sure to opt for therapeutic mouthwashes instead of cosmetic ones. The latter temporarily reduce bad breath and leave your mouth with a pleasant taste. Therefore, they don’t deal with the threats that can affect your oral health. On the other hand, therapeutic mouthrinses provide all of the benefits listed above.

Tongue Scraper

Bacteria can build up on top of your tongue and cause bad breath. Luckily, you can use a tongue scraper to clean it out. Using this tool daily will curb bad breath and even remove excess plaque. While the same thing can be done with a brush as well, we recommend that you get the right tool for the job.

Now, in case you’re wondering, these are all inexpensive products that you can buy easily at any pharmacy or grocery store. However, don’t just pick those you like. Whenever you’re choosing a dental tool, make sure that it has an American Dental Association Seal of Approval on it. ADA maintains the quality standard in dental products; so if a product flaunts that label, all the ingredients, instructions, etc. on its packaging are true.

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