To quote my favorite philosopher, Homer J. Simpson, “Implants: is there anything they can’t do?” Well … Homer actually referred then to donuts, not implants, but I think the comment can easily apply to dental implants.

Anyone missing a tooth can attest that eating, speaking, and just generally being yourself can be awkward with part of their mouth missing. What to do, then?

For starters, let me give a quick rundown of how a dental implant works.

1. Removal

Initially, the tooth is removed, and that may be a simple or a complex surgery, depending on the situation.

If it’s been a long time since removal, there may be bone loss where the implant needs to go. We’ll skip the long-winded rant about bone grafting for today – more on that another day!

2. Healing

Once the bone is healed, and sometimes immediately after the removal of the tooth, an implant (bone screw) is placed in the same area. Healing times vary from person to person however the average implant healing time is about 3 months. The bone is then strong enough to hold the implant and tooth for functioning and chewing.

3. Restoration

Lastly, implant placed and/or tooth “restored.”
This just means we can put the tooth on the actual implant bone screw.


Simple, right? We think so! The transformation I’ve seen in my patients is nothing short of phenomenal!

Implant surgery does take time to complete. It also requires a financial investment in yourself. When a person has gone, at times, for years without being able to chew, smile, or feeling complete, and then we perform an implant reconstruction, I watch people become new again. I hear about dinners with friends and family, I see smiles, I see changes in the whole persona. And watching it all unfold for me makes all the effort worth it!

If you are interested, or know someone who could potentially be interested, in finding their smile again, we’d love to talk to you!

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About the Author

Dr. Loren Anderson

Dr. Loren Anderson

Loren was raised in Sunnyside, Washington and graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Biology and Human Development. He then attended the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry and graduated from there in 2004. Loren started his practice that year and has steadily grown is practice to what it is today. He enjoys all aspects of dentistry, with an emphasis on surgical procedures (grafting, implants, periodontal surgeries, etc.).