A pregnant woman is at risk of getting infected anytime during the 9-month pregnancy. This may lead to infection which can eventually harm the expectant mother and the baby. Many believe that pregnancy may cause tooth decay or signs of dental problems. It is yet to be proven and better to visit a dentist before and during pregnancy to make sure your oral health is in good condition.

Is It Safe to See a Dentist during Pregnancy?

Doctors recommend periodic dental checkups for a pregnant woman. There are now studies linking severe gum disease to preterm labor and low birth weight. Pregnancy increases certain hormones and inflammatory molecules in your body. These may be one of the causes for early uterine wall contraction and thus premature birth of a child. Some doctors suggest pregnant women have their teeth cleaned during the second trimester. There is no reason to wait or postpone an emergency visit to the dentist because you are pregnant, and any kind of dental issues should be handled immediately.

Common Oral Problems & Symptoms during Pregnancy

There can be a number of oral problems during pregnancy. The most common of them are:

  • oral lesions or mouth sores
  • dental caries (tooth decay)
  • gingivitis
  • periodontitis
  • loose teeth
  • a localized overgrowth of gum (epulis)

If you can feel a painful sore of white or grey color with a red border around the edge inside your mouth, cheek, or on the tongue, it is possible that you have mouth sores. That is a painful yet highly probably oral problem during pregnancy.

Gums inside your mouth can become inflamed and infected during your carrying time.  Pregnancy causes huge changes in hormonal balance and can cause tender gums that will bleed easily. At the first spotting time, it is advised to check the issue with a doctor.

It is considered a rare event but possible for pregnant women to develop a pregnancy eculis, which is a benign tumor that usually goes away after childbirth. It can appear any time during the pregnancy, but it is suggested to look out for these during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. This tumor generally does not cause any pain but will bleed significantly.

How to Have Healthy Teeth during Pregnancy

It is better to prevent than to cure, and that is the most important rule to follow during pregnancy. It is important to take care of your dental health, according to these guidelines.

The rules to maintain good dental health are simple yet hard to maintain during times of sugar cravings. A lot of time, it is possible that you will want to sneak in the kitchen in the middle of the night for one last piece of cake or a bowl of ice cream. It is alright to have an unscheduled snack, but it is also important to brush your teeth after your midnight snacks as well. Cravings of sweets can lead to developing tooth decay, and it is suggested that bacteria responsible for tooth decay can transfer from a mother to the child. It is very important to have a calcium-rich diet while taking the prescribed supplements. After all, if your teeth are healthy, so are you.