Child’s First Dental Appointment and What to Expect

Children need to go to the dentist just like adults and it is generally recommended that a child see the dentist at age one or six months after their first tooth arrives in their mouth.

What Can I Expect at The Dentist?

The first dental appointment may be scary for you and your child but it is important to get them the proper care they need. The first visit does not typically take too long and it is a chance for your child to get to know the dentist.

Some family dentists allow parents to go back with the patient and others request that you stay in the waiting room. If you prefer one or the other, talk to your chosen dentist first and see which one they recommend.

An examination will begin and the dentist will look at your child’s teeth. He will inspect them to make sure they are free from plaque, decay, and any other conditions. Looking at your child’s teeth will allow your dentist to detect any problems early on before they become worse.

Pediatric Dentist

A pediatric dentist goes to school and has training for two years longer than a traditional dentist. The extra training helps the dentist focus on children’s teeth and problems related to them.

Oral Care

Your dentist will discuss the importance of oral care with you when your child goes in for his or her checkup. You will discuss different methods for brushing and also when your child should come back in for another visit. If your child does have any tooth problems, your dentist will address them and offer solutions.

It is important that your child maintain his or her oral hygiene to prevent any decay or cavities from forming. It is your responsibility as the parent to help them brush correctly and remind them about their teeth.