Dental implants, or endosseous fixtures, are a technology that gives patients the chance to restore function and aesthetic of their teeth. Dental implants replace the entire structure of the tooth starting down in the root going all the way up to the crown to create a natural and feel replacement for one or multiple teeth. If you are considering dental implants in Kennewick, then you should check dental implants fit you lifestyle and health. If you fit under the next 10 qualifications, you are more than likely a good candidate for dental implants.

The 10 Signs You May Qualify for Dental Implants in Kennewick

You Have Healthy Gums

1. Any form of gum disease should be addressed before considering getting dental implants.

2. No Chronic Periodontitis

With chronic periodontitis, comes bone deterioration caused by the bacteria slowly eating away at the connective tissues on teeth root. This disease also eats away at the gum and bones.

You Are Willing to Get a Sinus Lift

3. Around 20% of patients are required to get a sinus lift before getting dental implants. This is a serious surgery that requires a three to ten day recovery period.

You Have Dense Bone Tissue in Jaw

4. One must have maintained healthy oral hygiene throughout their life to be an ideal candidate for dental implants.

You Don’t Smoke

5. Smokers are not considered good candidates for dental implants, but patients should at least be willing to give up smoking during the period of the surgery and recovery of the installation of the dental implants.

You Have Healthy Oral Health Habits

6. To maintain the dental implants one needs to regularly practice good oral habits of regular flossing, brushing and rinsing.

You Will Continue to Make Routine Dental Appointments

7. Especially right after the installation of the dental implants the patient will need to regularly visit the dentist to check on the teeth. Also, the patient will need to still make regular dental hygiene appointments with dental implants.

You Are a Good Healer

8. Your body should be in optimal health for your age when considering dental implants. Those who have difficulty physically healing may find this procedure to invasive and risk.

You Feel Uncomfortable with the Appearance of Your Smile

9. If a patient feels an emotional or physical distress about their smile, they may be a good candidate for dental implants.

You Feel Uncomfortable with Your Current Bridge or Dentures

10. Bridges and dentures are not exactly the most comfortable thing in the world. If a patient is ready to update to something more comfortable and easier to manage, then dental implants may be a good fit.

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